Children On the Frontline

When you are shown destruction in day to day life it throws you on a human level.

I recently watched the channel 4 documentary “Children on the Frontline” shown on Wednesday 22nd January, which certainly did its purpose of drawing you in,  putting the faces behind the headlines and waking you up.

A country brought to recent news for the on going conflict in the middle east which has lasted for 3 years, and over a million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.

What I personally took from watching the programme, and felt was that when you are living in another country that is war free and protected you become immune to the chaotic world. As a society we have become ‘normalised’ to hearing of wars, disasters and disruption that occurs around the world. It allows us to keep the threat at arms length because it is somewhere far away, it has no meaning so we can keep it there and detach ourselves from that because it is not our reality.

Let the borders dissolve and the differences disappear…

An active protestor Aboude aged 13 lingered in my mind until days after watching. He frightened me from the truth he spoke, as it struck a similar chord to the World War 2 Poem “First they came” by Martin Niemöller.

“If We Keep Silent Our Turn Will Come” Aboude-Children On the Frontline

“Then They Came For me-and there was no one left to speak out for me”- Pastor Niemoller (Victim of the Nazis)



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