Aitzaz Hasan…The Hero


Too often we remember the names of the villains in the world from the choas they leave behind.

When we are forgetting about the individuals who have shown that one person can have a positive impact on those around..
They need to be praised and not forgotten for their courageous acts are not easily done

I am writing this blog to make sure he is remembered for the hero he is and the bravery he left behind…

Aitzaz Hasan was a 15 year old boy from the North-Western region of Pakistan, which has strong Taliban and al-Qaeda presence, where the area is known for sectarian violence against Shia Muslims.

On the 10th January, Aitzaz saw a suicide bomber approaching his school and made the decision of tackling him and intercepting his path.
His own life was caught in the cross fire for the heroic sacrifice he made- to protect his school and the 2000 people inside.

It is a shame to see his noble heart cost his life
But, he made a conscious decision to act-which only a few are brave enough to do, and faced evil in the flesh to put an end to lives being destroyed.

I truly respect this young courageous boy, who had strength and a big, open lion heart.
I wish his soul lives on in peace

As a HERO is never forgotten….<3


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