“Follow Your Rhythm”


…Transform like a butterfly, find your wings

Philosophy, religion, history, arts, debates, ideas and so on, is interesting to me as it highlights the fact, that there are many ways of thinking and nothing is purely black and white. To me personally, I enjoy the idea of learning for my own pleasure, and not for the purpose of passing an exam for an outcome. Put bluntly, I think exams are memory tests, with the end result of a letter next to your name.

I remember sitting there on my exam thinking these thoughts over and over in my mind, the meaning of sitting this exam. I observed how others same age to me would frantically write down everything they were told to think as fast as they could, without a mind of their own.  Or ever question ‘why’, and not just the why to answer for uni or to get a good grade but the real ‘why’ am I doing this?

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the subject, I enjoyed it very much and to me the book meant a lot. I could articulate my deep thoughts when talking amongst my peers who would force me into revising because I resisted. It shocked them when I actually knew what they were talking about, as I felt passionate talking about it, allowing the expression and my personal interpretation of the book to ooze out.

Studying hard and getting an education to compete against others gives the impression that is where happiness is met. It’s presented as the right solution to everyone’s problems, from all backgrounds and differences, and is used to maintain order, a platform for social change and the means to provide fulfilment and satisfaction in a materialistic world. This ideal stops people thinking, and enters them in an endless race to prove their place. 

But what if you’re not in this race, and don’t want to compete with others? Does that mean then you are a failure, or that you are not intelligent or free thinking or inspirational?

To me, I think it’s far more important to educate yourself in many areas, to create a well-rounded human than to do it to seek rewards. It is about finding inner peace within yourself!

I made a point not to follow the system, as it did not agree with my personal thoughts and beliefs. This may limit my success in the future, but that again depends how you define success.  🙂

As people we are all learning and growing on our own journeys.  I realised that I was in a situation which was meaningless to me and didn’t make sense, where I was surrounded by programmed minds that obeyed because it was ‘told’ to them as the ‘ONLY right’ thing to do. This scared me and woke me up, as I was constantly looked down on by others with the same mind-set, and was told I would be labelled uneducated by the eyes of society. This suddenly made me realise, I would have to be something that I’m not in order to feel successful.

And why should I justify myself of who I am to fit a mould I’m accepted to, I felt as though my mind and free thoughts were being suffocated.  I was a triangle being forced to fit a square world-and I’m glad I don’t.

I am going at my own pace, finding my identity and voicing my individuality.

 Don’t put an age limit on what you want to achieve, and don’t be led astray of society’s thinking or give in to the expected thing to do.  Change comes from free thinking and doing what you believe in, not doing what you are told.

I took a step back; ignored others, listened to myself and realised I needed to “follow my own rhythm” 🙂


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