Talk Out- Why Be Ashamed ?

In some parts of the world Mental Health is a buried secret that is often unrepresented and misdiagnosed. This has be shown especially in religious communities, minority groups and has been seen in the West.

There can be an element of shame attached where mental illness can be ignored, due to a lack of education and the stigma attached making it harder for those to speak up and seek the adequate help needed.  Rather than admitting to the problem presented and viewing it as a psychological and physical illness-some mistakenly interpret it as supernatural forces such as devil possession, thought to be brought on by personal weakness and punishment for sinful behaviour.

Where in truth, this is NOT the case and is NOT a life style choice. The reasons people may suffer from a mental health illness can be due to a result of many factors such as biological, psychological, social/environmental, psycho-social stressors, and many more…

Mental Health is as equal and important as physical health-

This attitude still has a long way to go all over the world…

However, in the UK there are mental health organisations/charities MIND and Time To Talk  and many more who work towards ending discrimination towards mental health. Their hard work has raised awareness in an attempt to break barriers by openly talking. It is estimated that each year 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem.

The organisation are also holding a Time to Talk day on the 6th February 2014-with the target to spark one million conversations.

As a society we are more willing to visit the GP or get something looked at if it is a physical problem and get it treated. But when it comes to emotional and mental state we can sometimes sweep it under the rug to escape from the situation in hope it will go away by itself. This, can only make problems worse, lead to further denial by running away from yourself.

If you are worried, talk to a loved one a friend/family or visit your GP, visit trusted websites such as MIND and Time To Talk for more advice, help and support.

AND most importantly…Don’t feel embarrassed to help yourself. !! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Talk Out- Why Be Ashamed ?

  1. Well done on such a cogent call to action! I live in Australia, and it’s particularly hard for men here to admit to having mental health issues. I was very proud when one young adult in our family suspected he might had ADD and had been to his GP and arranged an appointment with a psych before talking to his father about it. How awesome is that?!
    Keep talking, keep spreading the word – you’re definitely part of the solution!

    • Hey its awesome you replied to me and liked my post, it truly means a lot !! Your all the way from Australia making you my second Aussie buddy 🙂 and first person to comment! Yeah I understand it is a very hard step to take, and Eating Disorders which is also a mental illness is also especially hard with men to admit, and is a lot more to it than people think. Well done to your relative who seeked help! and its great to see your positive support in this area. Maybe you could get the word out there yourself over in Austrailia and start small by openly talking about it and not making it a taboo subject. Start small with friends/family 🙂
      Appreciate your kind words and like your thinking !

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