India’s Racism

humanIndia, a country rich of culture and eastern flavours famous for the spirituality many travel to find in Hinduism. A country rich of culture and iconic sites such as Taj Mahal and the rise of the Bollywood culture has put India on the map. It is a diverse nation with many languages spoken and rich in history with a variety of ethnic groups and religions. It has seen many changes, from the rule of the British Empire to the India- Pakistan partition resulting in 200,000 to 500,000 people killed in the Punjab region. As well as, 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims displaced during the partition; the largest mass migration in human history- estimation from UNHCR.

In Modern times, India is a BRIC country Brazil, Russia, India, and China- the world’s largest emerging economies, creating close ties and respect from other nations.

However, for a country that is growing in power and has international admiration a political party that is in government Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP-Indian People’s Party) whose ideologies are based on right- wing nationalism specifically to unite Hindu India and strengthen Hindu Indian culture. It is a clear political system that does not represent all groups in Indian society such as Muslims and Christians.
Elections took place from 7 April to 12 May 2014 with BJP winning a swooping triumph, taking 336 seats. Since 1984 Indian general elections it is the first time since a party has won enough seats to rule without the support of other parties.

For a country to be voting so highly and gaining this support for this political group with a specific agenda in mind, perhaps it reflects the Indian attitudes in society.

This government is not classed as an extremist group, but the ideals they stand for and what they want to implement show a different reality-this has not received much attention by other nations who have relations with them. As a global society foreign policies are discussed more openly, where outer countries have voiced concerns such as Russia’s Sochi anti-gay laws.

Recently, Indian government conducted mock security drills using fake “militants” dressed as Muslims linking religion with violence.

Other ethnic groups are targeted for extremism-India’s BJP government is the same


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