What is a Terrorist?


A recent event in Czech took place on 24th February 2015 which saw a gunman killing 8 people in a restaurant.

It was disappointing to find the report using words such as  ‘”Bursts” “Shooting indiscriminately” and “Worst mass shooting” “Police described it as the worst mass shooting incident on record” in Czech. However, this was not classed as a TERRORIST by the interior minister.

According to the terrorism act 2000, terrorism includes “serious violence against a person, a threat to a persons life; serious risk to the health and safety of the public” This event fits the definition of the word as it is only a terrorist who causes terror by killing 8 people in a public restaurant. According to the law this is the definition of Terrorism. However, in todays society it seems that people’s perceptions have changed when they associate with “terrorist acts” confusing it with only being capable from a person with religious motivations. It is upsetting many are shown to believe this. A terrorist can be anyone!

Both good and bad deeds come from humans who use any means to justify their acts coming from array of people of all colours backgrounds and differences. Humans are complex and have created the most inspiring and compassionate developers moving humanity forward, to the most heartless destroyers creating evil in the world

So what does this show? We are all capable of good and bad. It is only up to us as individuals to change how we see the world and each other.

Fear controls people, it puts us into boxes makes a complex world seem simple by labelling differences.

Here is the link to the Czech shooting article, please have a look for yourself and let me know what you think:



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