Why has March been a bad month?

mapThis March 2016, has seen horrific attacks and killings spreading from the East to the West in a short space of time of 3 weeks. My thoughts to the world and in particular the countries in recent pain Turkey, Belgium, and Pakistan.

It is upsetting to see and to be immune to attacks like these occurring so frequently. When there is pain in the world, we hurt together and unite as humans. This is a mention to not forget the innocent lives lost and to the loved ones affected from the horrible aftermath.

Turkey was the first to receive an explosion on 13th March where it was reported a car bomb exploded in the Turkish city of Ankara killing 32 people and wounding more than 100. And not to forget- this is was the second recent attack in Turkey in the same city of Ankara as in February a bomb attack killed 28 people, and leaving dozens wounded.


Brussels was next targeted on 22nd March where it is recorded two bomb explosions took place at the international airport, and another blast occurred at a metro station in the city centre. This saw at least 28 people killed and 340 injured.


Pakistan is the most recent to experience an explosion on 27th March where 69 people have been killed and 193 at current injured at a public Park in Lahore in Punjab-Pakistan’s largest and wealthiest province.



These sporadic attacks are disgusting acts designed to divide and conquer to instill fear and instability worldwide.

They clearly show that there are no borders in evil and hate spreads across all countries. We stand up to fight, together as humans all for peace.

To all the innocent lives lost you are not forgotten, we stand for you!

I admire those who carry on with life the next day as normal, and to those that react in these situations without hesitation from the firefighters, police, doctors and general public whose positive spirit has not allowed the darkness to overcome the light.

-Keep the flame burning bright X

Leave your comments whats your thoughts? Share along 🙂


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