Finally it’s a sport!


Parkour: Is movement to get from one place to another using the fastest method

Freerunning: Is the artistic and gymnastic movement that is more visually impressive than Parkour.

The UK has come a long way in regards to sport, by becoming the first country in the world to appreciate the art of Parkour, officially recognising it as a sport!

 Why is it good that it’s a sport?

  • It can be taught in the national curriculum in a safe and educational setting strengthening stamina and mind power
  • It has access to funding and government support providing benefits, that other sports receive
  • Raises recognition, appreciation and inspiration!

Starting the sport myself in 2015, I have always been fascinated by the ability to train the body to move artistically through air.

The practice of this sport encourages creativity and opens up the mind to playing with the environment around, where there are no limitations creating a space for the unexpected, that is full of trial and error.

In years to come, maybe the new sport will be competed in the Olympics! To me that would be amazing to see, the different countries interpretation of Parkour incorporating movement with their own culture, colours and country!

I was amazed to find Parkour in India-controlled Kashmir. It is remarkable to find sport that brings inspiration especially for those living in war torn countries, an art of movement that brings enlightenment!

This expression of movement depicts the fight against political struggle, stepping towards broadening minds and providing a light of hope!

Let me know your thoughts on this?


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