This Girl Can


Sport England, have been running a woman focussed campaign in a bid to open discussion around encouraging positive body image and healthy lifestyles to close the gender gap between men and women in sport.

Research has found two million fewer women than men aged 14-40 year olds in total play sport.

The media plays a big influence in how we associate the world, its great to see adverts such as these placed in shopping centres across UK, the above advert was in Leeds. The more we see women in sport and media encourages an attainable image that inspires other women, to open up get involved and achieve what those similar to them have. A positive role model is a powerful tool in connecting and inspiring people to reach beyond their limits and break barriers.

When it comes to adverts, media and news, as individuals we tend to view it from the angle we see the world reflecting our own beliefs and experiences that create our own interpretations. Advertisements by being shown often help to change associations and stigma in society by altering and normalising attitudes.

 These have a positive effect, shown in the This Girl Can campaign which encouraged 1.6 million women to exercise.

Not only defying the expectation of women in society but also breaking cultural barriers of woman from certain faith backgrounds. This offers a depiction of women worldwide who can access exercise and sport, cutting down obstacles to get involved and improve general fitness, whilst remaining in the religious and cultural boundaries.

It was great to see the This girl can campaign in action!



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