What Are Rights?

The official definition of the word ‘rights’ taken from the dictionary is  ‘Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement’


My personal interpretation of the word is that it is a requirement that is entitled to all living thing, place or object.

The importance of ‘rights’ is viewed seriously and differs from society to society dependant on the culture. It has been adjusted and introduced into the law and government policies which countries, organisations and corporations pay important interest to and address as the principles of their beliefs. These are also put in place to protect individual ‘rights’ from being misused and mistreated.

There has been a development over time that has built up and progressed each time improving on the laws from year to year. From this, constant development has occurred and taken positive steps forward, as well as helping to address concerns for areas to be improved upon. Rights are a work in progress with more being introduced. This has allowed people to highlight concerns where they feel they have been mistreated regarding their rights. It has set a high standard of living and opened doors for people to fight for in what they feel they deserve and are entitled to.

Personally, I feel rights are complex and split into many areas and subsections within that. They are there to ensure a more fairer and peaceful society for living things to co exist with one another side by side to ensure a smoother and happier society that is constantly changing and adapting in a growing society that is complex with modern issues, ultimately leading to ones freedom!